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Originally Posted by RAY WALKLING View Post
After a quick look at film on YouTube. First and second appearances of Sam Kydd, suggest to me that he is incorrected badged as a WO2 (should have been wearing shoulder eagles and gilt crown on sleeve) without surrounding wreath. Third appearance (War had broken out), he is badged, as far as I can make out as a WO1 (in theory, in view of the current events of the time this would have been par for the course)
That is true. But although the film was made in 1956 they do get a wealth of other details correct. For example, there is a scene in the Mess pre-Bader losing his legs, and both he and 'Harry Day' have the correct pre-1931 Patten Mess Dress, with the correct blue waistcoat, shoulder ranks and no aircrew badges, that uniform having been obsolete for over a quarter of a century by that time. Its seems odd they would have badged another with rank that was never even used in the RAF.
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