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The a/a titles were still worn by the Royal Signals officers in barrack dress in the 1980s. They were worn on green jumpers or private purchase blue Guernseys. The Guernseys got dropped as an approved dress item in the 1980s.

The wearing of a/a pips on jumpers was not a success as they kept breaking on car seat belts! The dress regulations were changed for cloth slip on rank sliders. As late as 1992 officers of 1 (UK) ADSR still unofficially wore them on their jumpers with SD trousers as the CO liked them. There were also a number of independent sqns (now defunct) who wore coloured jumpers with gold pips and a/a titles. These included 200 Sig Sqn in Detmold whose officer sand SNCOs wore a burgundy Guernsey up to disbandment in 1992.

The titles remain in use on No 6 dress for ORs which is the rather ridiculous ORs warm weather parade dress 'bush jackets'. They have wide collars so no collar dogs are worn so titles are used. Officer No 4 dress has collar dogs so no titles are worn.

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