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Post 'Time Capsule'

Recently picked up a small 'job lot' of RBLWS items , documents/badges/"bits and bobs".

They arrived in a plastic 'documents' folder and appear to me to have been from a member attending the 1996 Conference.

Agenda for 1996 National Conference (The Winter Gardens,Blackpool).
Annual Report and Accounts 1994-1995.
Report and Financial Statements for year ending September 1995.
Donations recieved for 1995.
Circular (magazine/pamphlet) Number 381-March 1996.

Bits & Bobs
2xNotebook Pencils - 1 British Legion and 1 Royal British Legion.
Small scissors and case - RBL Disabled Men's Industries Ltd. (Don't know when name changed to RBLI ?).
RBLWS Tea Towel - Linen , Made in Northern Ireland.

Small 'Vice Chairman' badge.
2xStandard RBLWS and 1 RBLWS small pin (WS in middle).
Small 15 Year service badge - Different fitting type to others I have( any idea when this was used ?).
6xBritish Legion WG badges , one faded (possibly used ?) the other 5 look as if they are "brand new old stock".

I know the first official British Legion Battlefields Pilgrimage was in 1928 and that there is a Royal British Legion version (post 1971) of the WG badge (thanks to Jerry's excellent album) but I am guessing there is no way to date the British Legion WG badges.

All the items in this lot appear to have been 'filed away' after the Conference and look as if they have never seen the light of day until they were sold.
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British Legion/Royal British Legion , Poppy/Remembrance/Commemorative.

Poppy Wanted
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