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no problem Michael, I answer to Tim or Tom

Hi Mike, the GM ones are reasonably easy to find on e-bay and dealer sites, the enamelled ones are a bit harder to find though. Pricing is all over the place, but you should be able to pick up an all GM version for around 15. The enamelled ones can be tricky, as they are usually priced way too high, in my opinion; but If you're patient, you may get one around 40 or even under, but most are in the 45 - 55 range.

If you have access to a militaria fair, that may be your best and cheapest option. I will be at Stratford this year, (9th June) happy to look out for one if you want - just PM me.

Also, beware of repaired enamelled ones, where the enamel is not a consistent colour.

Cheers, Tim
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