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There has been a Junior Entry Unit in Harrogate since 1947 first as "The Army Apprentices School" and in its early years trained Apprentices for the RA, RE and R Sigs.

In 1961 training for the RA and RE was transferred elsewhere and since then the College trained apprentice tradesmen solely for telecommunications trades in the Royal Corps of Signals.

In 1966 its title was changed to "The Army Apprentice College" and the badge of the College was changed to that of the Royal Corps of Signals

It closed in 1996

The site was totally redeveloped over 2 years and in September 1998, the site reopened as the Army Foundation College (Harrogate) to provide initial military training to the army's youngest enlisted trainees, aged between 16 years and 17 years, 5 months


I am attending the February passing out parade for Cambrai & Waterloo Companies as a VIP guest (as Chairman of Harrogate RBL) and will ask a few questions of my host as to company colours & use of coloured disks.

In particular the black slides which I have never seen, but I believe to be the remedial (sickness & back squading) platoon.

Not sure of the week, but I think in week 7 they rebadge to the intended Regiment or Corps, and wear the company coloured slide from the same point in time.
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