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Just think of all those great county Regiments that have gone forever. The Coldstream Guards are possibly one of the most high profile Regiments to come under this threat for a while. If I remember right the Paras also came under threat a while back. My old Regiment the Royal Green Jackets are now the Rifles... In some respect lucky to have kept a lot of their identity as a Rifle Regiment... But you could argue rightly that the County regiments from Devon, Dorest, Wilts and Gloucester can not say the same now they are part of the Rifles.

A terrible shame.... But also what worries me is that we are sending our armed forces out all the time to fight / Police in various areas around the world. Sounds like the Army is near to breaking point anyway with out more cuts.
The powers that are in Charge seem to be hell bent in using our young Men and Women at the drop of a hat in these conflicts. Labour and Tories just as much to blame as each other. My personal view is that we are at the moment throwing lives away in conflicts which in the end will prove to be pointless...To send people out knowing that they could be out of work shortly and facing life back in Civvy street is almost an act of Treason and completely disrespectfull to these brave people.

We may when needs cuts in the defence budget... But not in this period of our history and not with the comintments made buy our politicial leaders... I use the term leaders in that last sentance with my tounge firmly in my cheek !!!!
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