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There comes a time during defence cuts when manpower is targeted. During that process it is inevitable that named regiments will feature in both speculation and reality. Partisan loyalties will emerge, as they have here, to argue that a named regiment should not be 'axed' but how else do you cut manpower without naming regiments ? I remember the last big PR exercise mounted to save the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. They were axed but no-one can say that they are forgotten. A regiment may be 'axed' but it will never die. The reforms of 1922 saw the loss of many highly acclaimed regiments from the British army and subsequent reforms did the same. Those regiments still exist in the minds and souls of those who served in them and those who took the trouble to learn about their history and the contribution they made - as named regiments - to the history of Britain and the world. If the Coldstream Guards - or any other named regiment - are axed in the current round of reforms then they will be a victim of progress. We will shout and scream but the result will be the same. We must cut defence spending at this time of recession.
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