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Default A sad day!

This is decidedly not good news. Are we to have yet another page from our military history wiped out and lost forever? Given the outcry that this is sure to raise though could it possibly be a smoke screen whereby the Coldstream Guards are given a last minute reprieve at the expense of another of our prestigious regiments. Difficult choices it seems are being made and wherever the axe falls it is bound to be painful.

There have been discussions on this theme recently on the forum and arguments made for and against the cuts. I don't wish to get into the politics of the matter as we all have our personal opinions and affiliations but it seems to me that our armed forces are once again bearing the brunt of this savagery from an ungrateful nation, or its governors at least and this gesture politics backed although with regret by our monarchy doesn't really have a great deal of impact on the core problems that the country faces.

We run the very real risk in the future of losing the will of young men to sign up and fight for our country in time of need due to this and other examples of the way in which we treat our armed forces. What covenant?

A sad day!
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