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Originally Posted by Mike H View Post
The one piece badge has a blank slider but wont have pegs .
Mike, my badge is two piece but what you refer to as 'rivets' I know as friction pegs. Difference of terminology perhaps but being a novice I used the terms which Chris Marsh uses in his book to describe how two piece badges are put together by the manufacturer and so I quote:

Chapter 10 - page 100 FRICTION FIT PEGS... Multi-part badges needed to be assembled and permanently held together. The main method used by the manufacturers of anodised aluminium badges was the use of friction fit pegs. Friction fit pegs were round and integral to the top piece of the multi part badge with the lower part having the same number of receiving holes. After assembly the peg could be left 'as is', crowned with a punch or crimped into place. Crowning and crimping helped keep the badge's body arts together if a degree of slackness existed between the friction peg and its receiving hold.

As I say just a difference in terminology, but I do know a two piece badge from a one piece and mine is two piece with 3 friction pegs (or rivets if you prefer)


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