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Default Flash on motor bike?

The forum is a bit quiet, so here's an idle enquiry: my brother is repainting his 1942 Harley Davidson and side car; this is one of the 1160-odd 1200cc bikes + sidecars that the Union got from the USA [ see ].
He is painting it as if it were in North Africa, that is, Light Stone, British Standard Colour No.61 [also called BS 381C - 361]. Our current understanding is that the bikes arrived from the USA in Olive Drab No. 9 paint, and would [could?] have been over-painted in theatre with a brush and paint pot.
So my questions are these:
- Does anyone think that the above colour would be completely wrong for SA vehicles?
- would vehicles have had divisional flashes painted on them?
- If so, what SA units were "likely" or "possibly" supplied with these Harley combinations?
- and what were the flashes of those divisions?
- which part of the vehicle bore the divisional flash, and how big was the flash painted?
Any educated guesses gratefully received.
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