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The early large badges had the lion head attached by two tangs/wires(?) and on later large badges the lion head (which is thicker) was attached via two holes (see photo 1). These all appear to be white metal.

A lot of the small/miniature badges have a thin white metal (aluminium ?) lion head attached by five small 'tangs'.
I originally thought that the lion head with the wire attachment was only found on the large , early Gaunt badges but have now got hold of two Birmingham Medal Co. badges (Men's and Women's) with the same method of attachment.

This appears to indicate that the same method of manufacture was initially carried over when Birmingham Medal Co. took over the contract from Gaunt in 1928. I would 'guestimate' (based on badge numbers) that these badges are from late 1920's as the 'rivit' style fitting was used on later badges.

NB. I used to use 'Membership Number guide' from Graham Wootton's book to work out badge dates but have found it does not always match up to actual badges I have seen/got , as the 'guide' is based on membership numbers/fees and it also includes "honorary" members .

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