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Originally Posted by mike_vee View Post
Be careful Frank , they are addictive !

I started out with one basic official 1915 badge but then 'had' to get the 1914 and 1916 badges.

Then discovered there was an "enrollment" badge (War Munitions Volunteer) that was was issued to workers waiting for placement in factories so 'had' to get that one.

Next was to get the enamelled versions of the 1915 and "enrollment" badges.

After that it was to get a nickle/silver 1915 badge and a slightly different 1916 badge (rounded corners).

And I have hardly even scratched the surface of the numerous variations of these badges.


Oh my word - I fear the use of the word “addictive” is perhaps a little too mild. Perhaps ‘compelling, compulsive and addictive to the point of insanity’ would be nearer the truth. Should one be foolish enough to stray from the ‘Official issue’ badges into the temptations of the plethora of ‘unofficial issue badges’ then I fear there is little hope and you will have reached the point of no return. Beware and be strong!
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