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Well, to be quite honest, the photograph does not do it justice, it has been worn, it does have a patina, but, the enamel shines and the colours are vivid.
People in general want far too much for them these days, but, you know I just thought it was nice when I saw it.
You still see plenty of all the various On War Service badges at provincial antique shops and fairs, I don't bother to look really, but, perhaps I should at least take note of the marks on the reverse as well as how much is being sought and maybe start a small collection.
After all, it is often the size of a particular sides industrial output that wins a campaign, so these are certainly more significant badges than many would think, sadly, I have to admit, including me.

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That's a lovely example Frank. I agree, eBay sellers seem to regard them as very rare, and price them accordingly, and while they are not plentiful, they are certainly not rare either.

Cheers, Tim
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