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Originally Posted by Frank Kelley View Post
That is very interesting, as it does clearly imply that the enamelled badges were the first issued.
The change from enamelled to plain brass badges was assumed to be purely an economy/cost cutting exercise but the article seems to imply that initially the enamelled version was not issued to 'basic' workers.

From the enamelled badges I have seen (and info I've read) there appears to have been only one issue/series (99,999) all made by Gaunt , so is it possible that these were for managers/foremen ?

The later decision to issue a badge to all (except unskilled) workers would have been costly and would require a cheaper version. This also resulted in the addition of a 'lettering' system with a different letter used for each series (99,999 per letter) and various different manufacturers (13 series made by 8 manufacturers).

There was also a 'silvered'/nickle version made , possibly for managers/foremen when the enamelled version was discontinued.

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