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I fully agree with the sentiments of the foregoing posts in this thread and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I have another aspect regarding decorum etc in the forum.
I mentioned once before the fact that this forum has members WORLD WIDE. That also means we all live in different TIME ZONES.
Many times in the last few years I have put in a post in my evening time, even up to and later than midnight my time, that’s generally 0500hrs Zulu. Somewhere around 1500hrs local time (the next day),Perth Australia. Many times I’ve awoken the next morning to find my post gone and replaced with another thread.
This morning, (April 22) after watching a thread for a couple of days, I saw the person’s question answered. I even started my question by saying, “Now that xxxxxx has the answer to his question, could any member tell me....”). A few hours later, my post was passed over with another thread, I again saw the person’s enquiry answered so reposted my question, only to have it dumped without being fully answered. All this in less than 12 hours. Come on guys, let’s use some common sense and let a post be answered or at least leave it alone for 36 hours from time of posting. Respectfully requested, David J.

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