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Default Decorum and Courtesy on this Forum

Hi all,

I fully agree with the initial comment in this thread and I too get annoyed with members who belittle others.

For many members on this forum, English may not be their first language. On a number of occasions, I have thought of leaving the forum due to these lapses in attitude to people.

On the other side, I have had help from many members with advice and sourcing missing items from my collection. So much so, that I now have them on speed dial on my phone and have met in person over a coffee or a burger.

My wife has started coming along to fairs with me and met a few members, to the point, that she has joined the forum in her own right whilst collecting poppy badges.

Since she joined, we have befriended a forum member in Northern Ireland, who has been very helpful, and hope to visit when travel restrictions are lifted.

To all members, keep safe and good luck hunting those bargains. They're out there!

Ian & Lynne
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