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Default Decorum and Courtesy on this Forum

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Just a brief observation and reminder regarding recent activity/postings on this fantastic forum. I like to think that we, as members, are here to enjoy a common passion and purpose, which is to study Commonwealth military history, and to enjoy the badges and insignia which perpetuate this history. I also believe that we should foster our members in a respectful manner.

Many of us are extremely well informed, and may be considered as experts within our specialties. We have some highly notable authors who have published hard copy reference books, and also those who maintain invaluable web sites. To you, I offer my gratitude. I also appreciate everyone who offers advice in helping to identify the unknown insignia ( the "What the heck is it, I can't find it on Google"), those who provide anecdotes pertaining to their military history, and to those who have a sense of humour.

Some of us are novices, "newbies", beginners, just starting out within this wonderful & very meaningful hobby. We come here for advice. Please be aware of the purpose of this forum, and don't condemn us because we misspell. Some of us have disabilities, due to age or medical reasons.

Some of us can not afford to spend the money to buy a reference book. This forum is an Internet public domain resource, and exists to publicly share information, and to invite contributors.

Please, let us be civil to one another. Let us appreciate this forum for which it is intended. Lastly, a very special thanks to the owner, and to the moderators. Cheers,

🍁We Remember.🍁