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Sadly, as the picture came from a book it has been very hard to get any kind of definition.

We are in Hereford on the Welsh Border and I cannot quite understand why the boys would be wearing a 'Scottish' related headdress - I am stumped. We are famous for the Hereford Cattle and Bull lol. I have had a search and there is nothing related to any local regiments that would be remotely in keeping with Scotland or Canada. But it's definitely in the form of the 'Glengarry' isn't it. The headmaster was from Cheshire - so no connection there. Why would a Scottish regiment be around the Herefordshire area - although most training took place in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The lads are inmates and scholars of a 'naughty' boys school. Waifs and strays, street urchins, petty thieves and they are learning a trade in the home that they live in. It's the next step up from the Workhouse really - so this is a day out for them rather than a recruitment drive (far too young anyway). So, I'm still mystified.

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