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According to the best known 'RA expert' Norman Litchfield ,[Not often wrong] these two RA titles (amongst others) were worn by various RA-AT units not just the Airborne one mentioned. The sad truth is most Airborne forces collections contain these titles that never saw an Airborne BD! They were totally unofficial originating from units serving in India, so you wont find any mention in RA Dress regulations.

The picture mentioned stood beside the Rough Rider* has the AIRBORNE strip under the pegasus. [*Joining 1st ABN July 42 as No.1 AL LAA Bty RA (C of L Yeo) (TA)] This dates that pic from July 42 - May 44 when AIRBORNE flash was removed for the invasion of Europe.
Doubtful that the RA-AT title lasted post invasion.

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