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Hi Jon,
Nice interesting picture. Would it be possible to see enlargements of all the other people in order to verify the units?

As is I believe the following are represented:

Back row left to right:
CPS (Civil Protection Service) - Civilian Guard
Civic Guard - Later pattern badge without crown
Boy Scout - assisting in war work
SAEC (South African Engineer Corps) - Officer
?? - Possibly SAEC as well but badge not very clear
SAWAS member - (South African Womans Auxiliary Service) - Voluntary organisation
WAAS (Woman Auxuliary Army Service)
?? - Need clearer picture
SAWAS member
SJAB nurse
?? - Need clearer picture

Front row left to right
SAMNS nurse (South African Military Nursing Service) or civilian Nurse
SAWAS kitchen staff
SAWAS kitchen staff
SAWAS member
Civil official
SAWAS member
SAWAS member
Civil nurse
SJAB nurse

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