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Originally Posted by peter monahan View Post

That would certainly be an explanation: examples of a new industry/product being produced in country where previously the insignia had been produced in the UK or under the direction of British managers. In a 'new army' it may well have been the case that a lower standard of quality was acceptable on a temporary basis.

With the exception of some officer's kit and badges, all Indian Army insignia was always made in India and was to the same standard as these titles.
Cloth insignia was always hand made and even prior to independence ranged from very good to quite crude.
There were never any British managers involved to my knowledge as everything was locally procured all the way down to battalion level.
WW2 formation signs, rank insignia etc, worn by both British and Indian units were all from the same local sources with few exceptions, for example, printed 4th ID and 8th ID signs were made in England.

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