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Default Royal Signals 1946 badge on blue backing.

Dear Friends.

Just because I am getting on in years and am well past the retirement age I have time on my hands.

Just as a matter of interest I have just gone through all the current 28 pages (2100 items) of Signals badges that currently appear on Ebay.

I have not seen one Non-Voided 1946 design Kings Crown or for that matter Queens Crown cap badge for sale. I must admit there are a number of Gurkha Signals Non-Voided cap badge for sale but this I think is down to the size of Crown.

At the same time I only found two post 1921 Royal Signals cap badges that were Non-Voided.

Not of great importance I must say but possibly shows how scarce the post 1946 either Kings or Queens Crowns on Royal Signals cap badges must be.

Hope this is not too boring an item to relate.

Best wishes

Chris Walker
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