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Originally Posted by Alan O View Post
To my eternal regret I have t confess that these were in fact the 1908 ammunition pouches dating from the pre WW2 OTC days: currently retailing for £50+ each. I must have destroyed hundreds if not over a thousand pounds worth of 1908 webbing.........
Wow! Major gilt trip.

Reminds me of that dealer who admitted cutting up a Crimea War tunic to sell buttons.

As we’re having a group therapy session. As a teen I bought a pre 1937 Norfolk Regt badge at a boot fair. When I got it home doubt set in as I didn’t think it looked old enough on the back. I then decided it must be a restrike and snapped it in half.

Hindsight knowing what I know now, it was 100% genuine. The gilt lives with me to this day.
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