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Not wanting to sound like a cynic but has the question been asked if people make reproductions or even fakes of these? Was there any tangible provenance with it in the auction?

They’re desirable on novelty factor alone even to non militaria collectors. And if they can sell for thousands that’s another potential motive to make one.

Bit convenient the only rip on the whole flag practically obliterates the ships name apart from HMS Tr****. Which would be enough to suggest T-Class subs to a buyer.

Even with expected over-claiming of kills/actions it does seem a lot gun actions and torpedoes fired (if Billy’s friend is correct) considering she was an escort carrier and wasn’t operational until September 1943 and seems to have spent better part of 5 months in 1944 out of action following a collision with a frigate.

Obviously it could all be co-incidence. My tuppence worth.

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