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Default Scottish Horse

A request for information from my co-author:

Some questions about the Scottish Horse during the period 1938- 1947.

1. SH Service Dress was of a different cut to the rest of the Cavalry/Yeomanry i.e there were three buttons at the bottom of the sleeves (see attached photo). Was this a feature of earlier Scottish tunics?

2. Other Ranks and Officers’ cap badges are found in white metal or silver, but the collar badges, buttons and shoulder titles are in gilding metal. Did this conform to Dress Regulations?

3. The badge worn on the Atholl Bonnet has either a King’s crown or the Scottish crown. Is there any evidence that long-serving SH officers and yeomen retained the badge worn pre-War with the Scottish crown whilst those who joined after the outbreak of the Second World War wore the King’s crown badge?

4. The oval metal shoulder titles can be found with a red, green or yellow backing. Does anyone know the meaning of these colours? For instance, could the yellow backing be linked to the post-War transfer of the Regiment to the RAC?

Many thanks, Mike

Yeo_SH_79 Med Scottish Horse 1942.jpg
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