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Originally Posted by manchesters View Post
Something wrong here withe dates, ages, could you clarify please.

"The first man was born in 1907 and died in 1931 age 34, if he enlisted at the age of 18, the earliest that the photograph could date from is 1925.

As this man was known to have been a civilian lorry driver involved in a fatal accident in 1930 and was dead by 1931, it cannot date from after 1930 at the latest."

Apologies, it was a typo as I wasn't wearing my reading glasses, it should of course read 24.

If the note on the back of the photograph correctly identifies the subject, he is Cyril and was clearly in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. I cannot confirm that Cyril was in the Army as the Royal Warwickshire Regiment Attestation Books do not seem to have survived.

The only concrete information that I have been able to find regarding Cyril's career is that he was employed as a lorry driver by a Birmingham firm and that he caused the death of another lorry driver in 1930 due to driving under the influence. He stood trial, was found guilty and heavily fined and was sacked from his job. A year later he was dead, I do not yet know how, but possibly suicide. His wife had died in 1928, aged 24.

Vincent, the other man, definitely enlisted into the Royal Warwickshire Regiment before transferring to the 13th King's.

So, I have the names of two cousins who look pretty similar, one I have evidence that he served with the Royal Warwicks, the other I don't.

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