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Originally Posted by Sonofacqms View Post
I suppose if someone does buy one of these they can always recoup some of the money as scrap silver, whereas a dud made from base metal is really worthless unless a re enactor wants one.

A friend of mine bought a "buy it now" Staffordshire Constabulary KC silver cap badge. He contacted me to tell me of his magnificent find and how pleased he was. I enlightened him that it was a total "dud" and that such a badge never existed in "silver". He immediately contacted the seller who agreed to cancel the order and refunded his payment. So, if you buy such a thing and don't like it, send it back. Simples, as they say. You are entitled to change your mind as the law currently stands and ask for your cash back. He found the seller quite pleasant and indeed a careful examination of the description indicated that the badge was a reproduction, which if the buyer had bothered to look would have been evident.

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