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Originally Posted by mike_vee View Post
That may tie in with an article I found:

" Women were joining Home Guard units and training with their male members, at least some of whom evidently did not subscribe to the taboo deeply embedded in the thinking of the political leaders. In the autumn of 1941 there were a number of such reports, including one about a Home Guard factory unit in Tolworth, Surrey, where ‘girls’ working at the factory had for three months been drilling, marching and learning to use rifles with the men. Horrified by such developments, the War Office issued an order published in The Times on 12 November 1941 "

I wonder if , as the Women's Home Guard unit was "unofficially" recognised , they would have worn standard Home Guard titles and simply snipped off the HO to comply with the War Office order..... and to show their feelings about the Home Office !

Great stuff. The only thing that bothers me is that 'ME GUARD' doesn't mean anything and just sounds a bit odd.

I suspect that it was the coincidental initials of the factory business. The crane in the background suggests it may have been an engineering works, so it could be M???? Engineering of Tolworth etc.
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