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Taking stock so far:

1st Dr G 1915 (Keith and Sapper)
2nd Dr G (Keith and Sapper)
3rd Dr G (Keith)
5th Dr G (Keith)
6th Dr G (Keith and Sapper)
Royal Dr (Keith and Sapper)
Royal Scots (Keith and Sapper)
25th Dr (Keith, Marcus and Frank)

1st Dr G ww2-era (Keith and CB)
7th Dr G (Keith and CB)
22nd Dr (Keith, Marcus, Frank, Alex)

No opinions expressed:
3rd Carabiniers
4th Irish Dr G
4/7 Dr G
Westminster Dr

Can anyone please have a(nother) look? I would especially welcome opinions on the badges which have had no (definite) opinions expressed on them: 3rd carabinier, 4th Irish Dr, 4/7 Dr G and Westminster Dr. THANKS!
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