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Wellington HE153 near Warter Priory

On the night of 14th / 15th February 1943 the crew of this 466 Squadron aircraft were tasked with Ops to Cologne and took off from Leconfield at 18.25hrs, they bombed the target area at 20.20hrs and made for home. On the return leg the crew were having difficulty in manipulating the fuel cocks and before they could land the fuel in the selected tanks ran low, the engines began to cut out and the aircraft lost height, it eventually struck trees in the grounds of Warter Priory just after midnight. One of the crew died and the other four sustained serious injuries
Wireless Operator / Air Gunner - Sgt Basil Dunstan Hall (1179843). Injured.

British Legion/Royal British Legion , Poppy/Remembrance/Commemorative.

Poppy and British Legion Wanted & Spares for sale/swap

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