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From someone who served in the Royal Irish Regiment , the beret kept the ORís gold coloured anodised cap badge and officers bullion cap badge of the UDR. The beret was the official head dress for working dress and combat dress. The caubeen, which was worn in ceremonial uniforms had the silver badge.
The beret was not popular with the Ranger battalions, and the caubeen wasnít worn much with the home service battalions. I was never actually issued with one as we didnít do any ceremonial stuff where I was based.
Col Collins made the caubeen the everyday head dress for the 1st battalion, and the beret pretty much disappeared after the home service battalions were disbanded. I think, it may still be in the dress regs, but that has probably been updated.
So for clarification - caubeen = silver. Beret = gold.

Hope that helps
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