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Originally Posted by leigh kitchen View Post
Can we be sure of that?
It would make sense in terms of some of the fanciful designs, not that I've seen them as sweethearts.
So, some fake cap badges such as the Middlesex Footballers have their origins in designs used for sweethearts?
The chart may be just a form of general advertising and not showing examples of any sweetheart or other form of badge produced by or for or just sold by Meer & Jones.
Several of the odd designs on the poster were in my possession at one time, many years ago, including the ASC with MT scroll, the Footballers and the Berkshire Yeomanry with crown, mine were all lapel badges. I also had the Bedfordshire Yeomanry one with the beefy looking eagle as a lapel badge and which bears a strong resemblance to a bi-metal cap badge shown in a recent post in the mystery section.
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