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Originally Posted by 2747andy View Post
can we stop being political and please stick to badges and insignia...

As a serving soldier I can assure you that we now have some of the best equipment and weapon system in the world, regardless of who makes them!

Badges please and please, please, please stop having a cheap snipe at those who are serving about how they wear or use this equipment!

If you are no longer serving, then IMO you are out of date and shoud stick to what you knew when you were!

Have a good weekend!


This section of the Forum is for 'Everything else>Other Military topics.'

As a former Serviceman I am only too pleased to hear that the Army has the best equipment and weapons systems in the world. MY remarks are NOT pointed at Serving members of the Armed Forces but the system of supply that has somehow side stepped home produced clothing and equipment. I would prefer to see our Armed Forces wearing kit produced in Canton, Cardiff than Canton, China and likewise other things like home produced vehicles and weapons. We are victims of world trade and therefore must accept the consequences.

I do not see any cheap snipes at those serving or how they wear or use their equipment. I accept that I have posted remarks regarding berets and their appearance. I am sure that if these were considered inappropriate they would have been removed.

There is a lot of space for badges etc and that is only right on a badge forum. I am sure that if any posts were in the wrong section they would be moved by a moderator. Please be aware that all Forum members serving and civilian have equal rights to post their views and legitimate comments.

Have you forgotten that you yourself posted a derogatory term about a serving RSM under the Small Arms School Corps thread.? I quote, He just looks like a Tw.t!!

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