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Default T on terriers titles

The T was maintained until 1916. Up to then the TA Associations had been responsible for maintaining TA unit badges & insignia. In 1916 the War office took over all supply and standarised the badges for Regular Army, Territorial Army & 'New Army' issue. One additional reason for this may have been the number of non-TA men joining old TA battalions who objected to a 'T'. many titles can be found with the 'T' defaced into a '1' or just removed to leave a number.

The 'T' was lost until the TA reformed in 1920. Initially cloth battalion numbers were authorised but replaced by metal badges. The 'T' eventually went for good in 1940. You can still find infantry titles showing signs of the T/4/ etc having been removed: they aren't accidentally damaged!

Hope this helps, Stephen.
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