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Default White Metal JR Gaunt London QC Parachute Regiment

I’m no expert on these badges but I just wanted to remind a few facts that could provide a bit of context.
QC Parachute Regiment badges were introduced in Aug 1955 struck on base metals and equipped with lugs. In the same year started to appear berets with a backing pocket for the badge. So, it is conceivable that Para badge makers could have added a slider as a variant for the private purchase market.

The ordnance issue-type anodized or ‘staybrite’ badge was adopted in the early 60s. These badges were produced either with lugs or slider. They were immediately disliked as looking cheap, too light, prone to be lost and poorly manufactured. A lot of paras were trying to purchase the old pattern metal base badges but these were not longer manufactured and became scarce (source: letter by HQ 16 Para Bde Dec 1967, reproduced by O. Lock). This is probably why the old badges reappeared in the 70s for the private market.
I would imagine Gaunt was involved in this business along with other makers. I don’t have a clue as to the type of marking that was used or if these were cast or struck. In my view, all these badges were not ordnance approved but just tolerated because of the ‘staybrite’ badges deficiencies which were apparently corrected after.

I have added the only example I have in my collection if anyone can provide an opinion.
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