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Default British Legion Paris 1939

Spotted the badge and then in the 'related items' section saw a set of tickets/vouchers (complete with envelope) for the trip (not the same seller) and was lucky enough to get both items !

But why did the British Legion (between 1000-1100 members) go to Paris in August 1939 ?


The French "Unkown Soldier" was interred under the Arc de Triomphe de l'√Čtoile in Paris on January 28th, 1921.
On November 11, 1923 Andre Maginot, French Minister for War, lit the eternal flame for the first time.
Since that date it has become the duty of the Committee of the Flame to rekindle that torch each evening at twilight.

In 1924 the Paris Branch of the British Legion were invited to be present, and to nominate someone to rekindle the flame on August 4th, the date Britain and her dominions declared war on Germany in 1914. This ceremony, apart from the war years, has continued ever since and is one of the highlights of the Royal British Legion's year.

Less than 1 month after the British Legion visit war was declared.

PS. While ideally I would like to have all the 1928 Pilgrimage badges (all the different groups/regions) my 'wish list' at the moment is to get one for the "Women's Section" and also for the "Irish Free State" .

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British Legion/Royal British Legion , Poppy/Remembrance/Commemorative.

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