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Bill A 18-06-15 11:25 PM

Still looking for CEF images
To all Forum members who have sent images for the CEF project, thank-you. We are still looking for more, and need collars and titles for the infantry battalions.
The project is moving towards the corps and services, and images of all types of badges worn are welcome. Larry is the go to for images.

mad4thcef 19-06-15 02:54 AM

Well I think Larry puked out at the 200th Bn last time we got together!

And appeared to be imaged out at that point.

Has he recovered???

Bill A 19-06-15 11:19 AM

He is in treatment. Something about Jimmies running around in his head. Like they say, you have to get back on the horse as soon as you fall off....

mad4thcef 19-06-15 02:19 PM


If you are back in the saddle???

Email me and we will arrange something summer plans have changed unfortunately:(

LLWill 23-06-15 10:11 AM

Oh Yes! I'm still around and still hard at it. Yes I know where we are at for your collection. I'll get in touch. Plus I got your voice mail - no problem at all

milcollectorblue 19-07-15 09:01 AM


You'll have to let me know how far you have got through the collection of images I have supplied to you. I don't think I've given you many of the Corps badges from my collection although some of them already appear on the CEF Project page. I've managed to get my hands on a few of the scarcer badges in the past 12 months or so, none of which appear in the CEF Project images.


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