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2 Black Bands 23-05-19 07:05 PM

One stands a chance if the Company concerned survived the conflict but in most cases they're long gone...thank the Lord for Grace's Guide....and JMs "Doing their Bit" book!

2 Black Bands 01-06-19 12:36 PM

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'don't think we've had any yellow here yet........

GCO = Gas Contamination Officer...or some think Group Co-ordination Officer.....but it's definitely FOOD related!

There were Decontamination teams for food and other stuff...and their existing jobs/skills tended to dictate what they did in the war.......for example, the Decontamination of pathways and streets was usually to be undertaken by pre-war Street/Road cleaners. Analysis of chemicals used was undertaken by Chemists etc etc

2 Black Bands 10-07-19 06:57 AM

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...just like London buses....'don't see one for ages and then two come along....

Another yellow one which came my way recently - Assistant to GIO....'never figured out why they weren't simply "AGIO" but these things often don't go the way you think they should. Nice colouring under the dirt, shell was originally black.

Interestingly (for some of us at least), I don't think I've ever seen a "GAS ADVISER"-marked helmet.....they're out there......somewhere.......

Rob Miller 10-07-19 07:22 AM

Here's another yellow one I used to own. A.G.O. G.P.O.


Rob Miller 10-07-19 07:41 AM

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A couple more odd ones I had in the past.


2 Black Bands 13-07-19 04:36 PM

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...coincidentally the GPO one is in our new book! ('never been one to miss an opportunity!)

I've posted more info elsewhere so shan't duplicate here......well, perhaps just a cover shot...

2 Black Bands 23-08-19 07:28 AM

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Time for another helmet methinks.....

2" stripes aren't overly common....they stopped being "a thing" in '42 but were allowed to remain after that. "R" is Rescue....and the rank/position is Clerk of Works or Depot Supervisor (or similar). So this guy probably wasn't a digger himself but either managed the guys or managed their vehicle pool. That said, period film footage never ceases to amaze me re who turned up and pitched in when the chips were down....tho they ALL tipped their helmets back onto the back of their heads before they looked in the direction of the cameras so the lettering/markings couldn't be seen!! :-)

2 Black Bands 29-10-19 07:43 AM

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Here's a badge / flash I've yet to figure out. I've seen it on Fire helmets such as this one and a "health" (FAP) one too....but it remains unidentified. Blue and yellow interlocking triangles......


sorry about the pic....somat's gone wrong somewhere.......:-)

ASR142 04-11-19 04:56 PM

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Hi Guys I got these in over the weekend 3 nice examples a scarce red example I think for A 2 rescue section , green warden / fire guard and a rare stretcher bearers example with a shield to each side thanks for looking and enjoy !

ASR142 05-11-19 05:27 PM

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A child wearing dads helmet this is marked Eastleigh to the rear steve

2 Black Bands 07-11-19 09:14 AM

Thanks for sharing...the red one will take some figuring out..... 'love the EFB pic

ASR142 07-11-19 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by 2 Black Bands (Post 491591)
Thanks for sharing...the red one will take some figuring out..... 'love the EFB pic

The EFb helmet i think is a white helmet black EFB with a red band note the colour change steve

2 Black Bands 08-01-20 07:42 AM

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Here's a nice set I pulled the pics of recently...Chief Warden but with an original cloth cover. The cover was either an IO's (it looked like it was once blue) or, probably more likely, made and used to hide the seniority of the wearer. As the Invasion looked imminent and the skies were filled with raiders, white helmetted staff became concerned that their gleaming white steel badge of rank would single them out for special attention...hessian and cloth covers were used by some to obscure their status.

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