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redman 17-02-19 05:44 PM

Nice addition
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Nice bright enamel and brass sweetheart to a rare battalion.

cefguy 17-02-19 08:42 PM

That is a beauty.

Walt P 18-02-19 12:19 AM

The attention to detail & craftsmanship in the manufacturing of the cloisonne enameled pins never ceases to amaze me. They are definitely miniature works of art. A very nice acquisition! Cheers,


Roy 18-02-19 12:37 AM

That one is a total stunner. Well done indeed.

Lovely to see such quality surviving and still being found today. Great to see, no doubt a wonderful addition to your collection.



shane bannatyne 18-02-19 07:06 PM

New Addition
Great find Redman.Is it maker marked?

redman 18-02-19 08:47 PM

Hi Shane,
No maker.
Would love a silver 240, not seen one. Anyone got any 240 sweethearts
Kind regards

Tanker Mike 19-02-19 04:51 PM

Nice one

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