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Postwarden 15-01-21 04:24 PM

NAAFI 100!
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To mark the Centenary of the start of trading in January 1921 NAAFI has published a detailed history of its huge range of activities over the last 100 years.

It's a fascinating read, well illustrated with photos. It tells the story of modern Army canteens from their origins in the Expeditionary Force Canteens and Navy and Army Canteen Board in the First World War, its service to a British Army scattered across the Empire between the wars, its huge expansion during the Second World War, its continuing support as the Empire shrank and its long term presence in BAOR. In more recent years it has struggled as the Armed Forces have shrunk, but still plays an important part in supporting the services.

Copies of the 650-page book are available on Ebay for 33.95 plus 4.90 postage. Search NAAFI Book.


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