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49lassiepen 18-09-21 02:03 PM

Added some items in my album and gallery only a few new additions ,now difficult to find
A few items may be of interest - officers bullion badge you don't see many of these This was obtained from Mike Wood late 1970's Some older collectors may recognise the name
The H P is also a very scarce item Was offered this in the early 1980 by LT Coln
Wood when he was selling the epworth trust collection I heard on the grape vine that prof Charles Thomas had purchased it. I managed to obtain it when his collection was sold following his death a few years ago. I was told by a member of the museum staff about 40 years ago that 3 only were commissioned for the coronation of GR V Having seen pictures of this in use at earlier dates I don 't think this is correct
A few items on my wants list
Army Dental Corps full wording cloth title
Genuine arm of service stripe
R A F dental hygienist badge
Tri services hygienist badge
Hope badges may be of interest to some
Only 2 had dress shown as the Irish is unusual

49lassiepen 19-10-21 03:18 PM

Due to the help of one member now have arm of service stripe
Wanted green trade braid as worn on R sleeve tried the usual outlets The medical museum has R A M C braid for sale but not dental Any help/pointers would be appreciated

49lassiepen 14-11-21 02:29 PM

Posted a few updates Photo of head dress next to mess dress collars and beret badges ,2 shown on head dress appear to be mess dress
Also shown 3 para badges ,one which is down as PRI shop .but is infact from the museum of military medicine is a strange looking one
Finally added the small officers shoulder title as Westlake 399 ,one that I have been after for sometime ,but is the only one that I have seen Have any member one for measurement comparison

49lassiepen 29-11-21 12:29 PM

Added some new additions of shoulder titles in “new metal “ in gallery and album
May be of interest to Tim

grey_green_acorn 29-11-21 02:52 PM

Thanks, am I correct in thinking that these ‘new metal’ RADC titles were/are worn with rank badges on epaulettes of the coloured jersey and not on Service Dress?


49lassiepen 29-11-21 05:06 PM

Tim only just acquired them ,uncertain as yet where they are worn .Once certain will let you know

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