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cbuehler 30-04-21 09:58 PM

Blackened 7th Hants
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Recently picked up this badge and I think it is a good one, but am perplexed as to why it is blackened as it is normally GM. I am of course aware that many TA and Yeomanry regiments did sport bronze/black badges at times.


cbuehler 02-05-21 11:25 PM

Anybody up for this?


Alan O 03-05-21 10:15 AM


Very yellow brass painted black suggests fake to me. Sorry.

cbuehler 03-05-21 02:27 PM

Thanks Alan. It does have rather yellowish brass to the high points, but otherwise does not seem to be a fake. Perhaps the blackening is to cover up a multitude of evils however....


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