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Wooffy 02-02-21 05:35 PM

Captain Sir Tom Moore RIP
Sad News - RIP Captain Sir Tom

arrestingu 02-02-21 05:51 PM

Bless him , very sad news......

mike_vee 02-02-21 06:17 PM

Rest In Peace

"We Will Remember Them"


Home Guard 02-02-21 07:24 PM

Sounds like a remarkable man! We are losing his generation far too quickly.

RIP sir!


grenadierguardsman 02-02-21 07:53 PM


gb64 02-02-21 08:29 PM

Another one of this great generation gone, RIP


manchesters 02-02-21 08:32 PM

One of the good guys


wardog 02-02-21 10:42 PM

Fall Out Captain Sir Tom, Duty Done. God Bless. With Respect, Paul.

dumdum 03-02-21 01:40 AM

We(my wife and I) were deeply saddened to hear news of his passing that has reached even our corner of the world.

Surely if ever a knighthood was deserved, this was one!

Home Guard 03-02-21 03:55 AM

He was on the national news tonight on NBC. They did him proper!


Mercian 03-02-21 11:18 AM

He was a geat inspiration to everyone.

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