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High Wood 26-10-20 05:53 PM

Army Service Corps Motorcyclists.
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I am not sure of the make of this motorcycle but the rider is definitely serving with the Army Service Corps.

Roy 26-10-20 06:11 PM

A very nice photo indeed, thanks for sharing.

I think (?) it's a 'trusty' Triumph.



Rob Miller 26-10-20 06:22 PM

Yes a Triumph Model H, you often see the leather strap around the forks it was a safety feature, if the front spring broke the front end pivoted at the bottom end of the headstock, the front wheel folded back to one side of the engine, the top of the headstock hit the road closely followed by the riders face.

I would love to own one of those.


High Wood 26-10-20 08:14 PM

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Thank you for the I.D., I am speculating that this one is also a Triumph.

Roy 26-10-20 08:32 PM

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That's the early Triumph logo on the tank.

Here is one of mine.


High Wood 26-10-20 11:24 PM

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This one is definitely a Douglas.

JerryBB 27-10-20 11:40 AM

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another triumph model H I think, RE signaller

Roy 27-10-20 02:51 PM

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Hi Jerry,

I love this studio shot, thanks for sharing. If it ever needs a new home you know who to call.

As we are on Triumphs (I know it's a little off topic) but here's me on mine this summer...:)



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