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bess55 06-10-21 09:57 AM

10th Hussars with Lugs
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Gents, I was very kindly pointed towards this anodised 10th Hussars cap badge by a fellow forum member and good friend.

A two piece construction, its an unusual beast having lugs on the rear. The round loops appear to be slightly 'squared off' by design. Suspect this may be for the Other Ranks Torrin side cap?

Any info or observations greatly received folks.

Regards all


Mike H 06-10-21 03:44 PM

Nice badge mate,appears to be all present and correct. I agree ,unusual to be fitted with lugs. I dont recall coming across one previously.
My thought would be side hat ,i know a number of badges that normally have sliders that are fitted with lugs and are listed as sidehat badges.

Luke H 06-10-21 04:55 PM

Ive no idea about AAs but I notice it has the die flaw below the D of Dein which is found on a myriad of metal repros from Welsh Regt, V.B.s, Caernavon & Denbigh Hussars, 12L, 10H etc.

bess55 06-10-21 05:14 PM

Thanks Luke. It really doesnt have the feel of a reproduction or copy of an anodised badge. Most fakes are fairlyq well know and I've never seen this before. Its of perfectly normal quality for an anodised badge.

However I accept your die flaw knowledge, so who knows, could be suspect after all? If its a copy or 'made up' someone has gone to a lot of effort to produce a high quality anodised badge that is in itself rare . . .

Luke H 06-10-21 05:21 PM

Could it be the AA die was latterly used to make metal repros. Sadly I don’t know enough about AA manufacturing methods but that may be another possibility.

My only other comment would be it appears to be of tagged construction which must be usual for AA? Also those loops look quite long (and metallic) like the C&D repros.

bess55 06-10-21 05:42 PM

No the.lugs are fine, its all 100% anodised. They are longer than usual and as I said flattened at the end a little which looks on purpose.

Mike H 06-10-21 05:43 PM

The tagged scroll can be found on the 2.piece Duke of Boots anodised cap badge.

Alan O 06-10-21 05:45 PM

What ever it is, it's not an issued badge. It's either repro or made privately.


bess55 06-10-21 06:03 PM

Its odd that another hasnt turned to my knowledge. Could be one of those 'ordered by the regiment' type things like a lot of the arm badges were. Although this is most definately not an Azam brothers effort - its like a regular anodised badge. Its not a thick guage like a lot of the well know fakes, so its a bit of an unkown entity really. Its certainley not a known issued type to my knowledge, but there are other examples like it too.

GriffMJ 06-10-21 06:31 PM

.... I have a plated silver/gilt collar with a clutch and pin fitting of the same POWFS? (no 10H scroll though)

Mike H 07-10-21 09:20 AM


Originally Posted by GriffMJ (Post 561588)
.... I have a plated silver/gilt collar with a clutch and pin fitting of the same POWFS? (no 10H scroll though)

Possibly Kings Royal Hussars Griff. They wear the old 10th Hussars collars.

bobanodised 07-10-21 10:05 AM

Not seen this variation before. Good find

bess55 07-10-21 02:05 PM

Not 100% what it is, but its well made.

Phillip Herring 07-10-21 05:00 PM

Could it have been worn on a waist belt plate?

bess55 07-10-21 06:27 PM

I did initially consider that Phil, but the lugs are too long really for the usual type of belt plate buckle anyway. Possibly a pouch? I'll have to consult my copy of Linakers . . .

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