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cw2311 26-08-19 11:36 PM

Do you have a keen eye?
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Hello all,

Have a look at the picture of this 1st Can Para veteran and tell me what you see out of place with this medal group.

Cheers ;)

Flatdog 27-08-19 03:14 AM


No Defence Medal after 39-45 Star?


CB101 27-08-19 06:27 AM

The Canadian Service Medal (second medal) is mounted in the wrong place

crest-insignia 27-08-19 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by CB101 (Post 487038)
The Canadian Service Medal (second medal) is mounted in the wrong place

Most of them are!

MarkGD 27-08-19 01:04 PM

Is it something to do with the fourth medal? which unfortunately i don't recognise - Regards Mark

manchesters 27-08-19 01:16 PM

India Service Medal?

Staffsyeoman 27-08-19 01:50 PM

A very odd group for Canadian Airborne?

1939-45 Star
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas clasp
War Medal 1939-45 - presumably Canadian issue
India War Service Medal 1939-45
Canadian Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal and Bar (30 years' service)

The last one stumps me - possibly a Canadian provincial award.

Surprised not to see a France & Germany Star to the Canadian airborne - and they didn't serve in India...

MarkGD 27-08-19 02:04 PM

Thanks Staffsyeoman, not seen one before (WW2 India Service Medal) that is. The last one is a Fire Long Service medal. So this guy must have a story to tell, having possibly served most of the war in India? and possibly as part of the Indian Army at some stage?
With that info, can't see an immediate issue with the 'order of wear' but happy to learn if not. Regards Mark

cw2311 27-08-19 11:30 PM

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Originally Posted by manchesters (Post 487064)
India Service Medal?

Correct, it's hard to make out the actual medal, however the ribbon is distinguishable. Awarded to Indian Forces for 3 years non-operational service in India during WW2.

Picture courtesy of wiki. ;)

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