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Badger44 08-06-19 07:26 PM

Two Eastern Europe patches
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Can anyone identify these two please? From the eagle symbol, I believe it is Serb Republic, but what unit? The second one looks like Russia Airborne troops, but again, what unit, please?
Any suggestions would be welcome.

leigh kitchen 08-06-19 07:33 PM

The left hand patch, an arm badge of the short lived (1991-95?) Serb Republic of Krajina, the RSK, I know no more about it.

Badger44 08-06-19 08:07 PM

Many thanks for the information you have given confirming the one I thought was Serbian. Perhaps it was a 'national' badge, worn by all. Maybe someone else may know more about it.

leigh kitchen 08-06-19 08:16 PM

I think the Krajina Serb forces had a number of national arm badges over the few years of their existence.
Note, (just in case you're not aware) the RSK was distinct from as were their forces, from Serbia "proper" as are those of the RS, Republica Srpska.

Badger44 11-06-19 07:30 AM

Thanks for the further information. It's much appreciated.

iffig 17-06-19 09:56 AM


As for the other patch, I would say it is the 38 th Guards Air Assault Brigade from Belarus:

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