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2/1kiwi 01-02-19 09:59 PM

Kiwi Rounds
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Some Kiwis and associated insignia from my collection.

PVC SEA Kiwi is vet made.

Remainder from various deployments.
Mulitcam are from TG Taji 2.
Reminder of PVC Tg Taji 1.
NZ, Aus, Iraqi flag TG Taji 4.


RNeil 01-02-19 10:43 PM

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Nice collection

The original 74-89 Kiwis came in two variants. printed and embroidered.

If posted to 1 RNZIR it was only worn on the right shoulder.
Attachment 200968

If posted to an NZ Force Unit they were worn on both shoulders.
Attachment 200969

More info on NZ Force South East Asia can be found at

Phill Lockett 02-02-19 12:48 AM

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Here is my contribution both Afghan made Velcro backed.


2/1kiwi 02-02-19 01:18 AM

Nice, have only seen 2 of the PRT flags, unfortunately was not able to get one.

Phill Lockett 02-02-19 01:38 AM

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Cheers mate

I do like your collection especially the Kiwi punisher-which unit or is it a moral patch?

Here is a second set although not sure of attribution.


2/1kiwi 02-02-19 10:53 AM

Rankslide is Brit.

Ribbons should have the ISAF ribbon if attributed to the same per as the PRT patch. Unless thats an older set the same guy gave you. ISAF ribbon would denote a second rotation in this case.

Punisher patch was from the local tailor, was made before my rotation. Not sure of the background on it.


Phill Lockett 02-02-19 07:33 PM

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I agree older set with first Afg/ET rotation and Brit rank slide.

Punisher patch would be regarded as a moral patch made up by local embroiderer either designed by a kiwi,in which case he would had to order a few (normally 5-8 US a patch could be higher or less re quantity) or local embroider made it based on other US/ISAF force's Flag/Punisher design for resale.

Below is one of many Punisher variations from Afg


2/1kiwi 03-02-19 07:26 AM

Agreed, the Punisher patch is from Taji 1 or 2. This was the last one, which is why i grabbed it.

Phill Lockett 08-09-19 07:19 PM

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Here is a few more to add, all are velcro backed.

2011-2012 AFG

Camp Taji Kiwi's

Cut edge NZ ISAF NZ made


5WWCT 19-09-19 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by 2/1kiwi (Post 467425)
Nice, have only seen 2 of the PRT flags, unfortunately was not able to get one.

I highly doubt that fish! 😂

2/1kiwi 23-09-19 12:44 AM

Hahah, bro it was an Aussie who had it, wouldn't part with it, i did try....

2/1kiwi 12-11-19 06:12 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Some more,
Shield, Tg Taji 1 or 2.
Laser Kiwis, Taji 6
Multicam flag and Kiwi, Aussie made.
Tg 653.8, Afghanistan 2017.

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