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Phill Lockett 16-08-19 06:50 PM

79th Armoured Division
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Hi friends

Thoughts and opinions on this 79th



cbuehler 16-08-19 09:48 PM

While no expert, I am not thrilled by it. The messy embroidery on the reverse is typical of fakes.


Phill Lockett 17-08-19 07:37 AM

Thanks CB

I'm not sure this one fits into the "Paki" style embroidered modern era, as the thread is thin and not the usual thick spaghetti style and the poor quality and felt that one would expect to see from Paki made repro.

The complexity and detail of the embroidered design might be of occupation era?

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.



Phill Lockett 17-08-19 09:10 PM

Hi guys

Any more thoughts original "Paki" repro or legit theatre made?



JBBOND 17-08-19 09:22 PM


Not one I like.

Phill Lockett 17-08-19 10:45 PM

Thanks Jerry

Looks like a repro I gather so will put in the "learned lesson" file.



Slinky Cat 18-08-19 12:07 AM

Typical Asian made fake

Phill Lockett 18-08-19 03:18 AM

Thanks all

Its a repro like the old tune says "I can see clearly now the pin has dropped.." or words to that effect.



Glosters Cloth 31-08-19 08:33 AM

I can see your early dilemma. I started collecting WWII cloth badges only last year and I have been taken for a ride so many times. I estimate I could take a City Break holiday on the money I've lost to fraudsters. I've learnt some of the tricks of the trade to spot fakes, but I'm still being caught out here and there. Lucky for us, the Forum is a great place to verify if a badge is real or fake. Best wishes and happy hunting. Ken ��

Bill A 31-08-19 11:20 AM

Phil, may I use your images on a FB page devoted to id'ing Cdn repro insigina? (the 79th Div patch was worn by 1 Canadian Armoured Carrier Regt).

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