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Tony B 25-02-15 05:42 AM

Embroidered naval badge? HELP.
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I know nothing about this insignia except that it was bought in Port Elizabeth shortly after ww2. Is it South African or British?. Also if anyone knows what it signified (Naval Gunnery is my guess), where and how was it worn? What period was it used i.e. !800's, 1900's?.
Any help appreciated.

Alex Rice 20-03-15 05:24 AM

Hi Tony
I don't think this is naval. I think it's part of an early artillery badge.

Madziro 21-04-15 11:33 AM

If I am not mistaken this artillery gun badge is Italian WW2 era. Many were brought back by South Africans on return from East Africa. I have a red embroidered on black version. Regards. Dudley

Tony B 22-04-15 02:55 AM

Thanks Dudley youv'e been a big help. I think that would help to explain it as I have a couple of other identifyable Italian badges and some which I think might also be Italian. Are you familiar with Italian insgnia?

RCN 22-04-15 01:57 PM

unknown Gunnery badge
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Hi mates,

I don't think this unknown Gunnery badge insignia is Italian.

I have attached a shot of the Italian Navy Gunnery rate badges 2WW period & they don't look like this unknown badge,

RCN Bryan

Tony B 23-04-15 05:09 AM

Thanks Bryan. The mystery deepens. If it's not British, Commonwealth or Italian. Who does it belong to? Maybe I need to put it out of my mind for now and hope someone with the answer spots it.

fairlie63 23-04-15 06:47 AM

What about Naval Artillery Volunteers, something is nagging me about a single gun and NZ NAV although the badge construction and style is not what I'd expect of a late 19th century Commonwealth prize badge.

Brian Conyngham 29-04-15 09:18 PM

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This is Italian, found this picture posted by a friend of mine on FB, Iam sure he wont mind me posting it here. Bottom left.


Tony B 30-04-15 01:37 AM

Thanks Brian I think youv'e hit the nail on the head and resolved the delema.
Much appreciate your effort.

Madziro 22-10-15 12:09 PM

Hullo Tony

Apologies for the delay in replying. I am a collector (on small scale) of Italian WW 2 items amongst other things. Brian's post and photo hits it on the head! Will scan the red one I have for comparison if you need it.

Kind regards


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